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Alcohol and Other Drug
How can Alcohol and Drug affect You ?
What does the OWL program provide?
Ageing can bring obout unique issues including:
Changes in body metabolism
Complex health issues
Muliple medications
Increased sensitivities to the effects of medications, alcohol and other drugs
Anxiety and Depression
Boredom, isolation and loneliness
Retirement and lifestyle changes
Loss and grief
  • Individual and Group Sessions
  • Home and Outpatient Appointments
  • Education about Alcohol and Other Drugs, medications and your health
  • Ways to deal with fear, frustration, loss and change
  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Problem solving skills and goal setting
  • Support and improving relationships
  • Support for families and significant others
  • GP Liaison
  • Referrals to other healthcare providers